Linux Services and Solutions

We have a highly specialized technical team familiar with technological developments that allows us to provide you with professionalism and confidence.

Advice and Consulting

We offer advisory and consulting services to companies that are interested in implementing Linux solutions as part of their computer systems. We have created a consulting, support and training structure to support the adoption of the Linux operating system.

Projects and Development

Among many other advantages, open source programs allow a perfect adjustment of the system to the needs and peculiarities of each client. Thanks to these characteristics, Free Software is the most suitable for carrying out custom engineering and development tasks.


Modify and optimize the application depending on the platform where it is used. Develop distributions of the Operating System that better adapt to the needs of the client. Optimize the kernel to achieve better performance of our system.

GestiĆ³n Factura

productos Implementation

Installation and configuration

Linux and Free Software constitute a technological alternative that provides significant cost savings for the company and today it is an alternative to be exploited for most of them.

High performance

This technology enables your critical network-based solutions to be available 24/7, 365 days a year, enabling greater availability, scalability, security, and flexibility.