Access Control System

With its robust features and user-friendly design, the Access Control API simplifies the management of access control processes, ensuring a secure and efficient environment for private neighborhoods.


  • Access Control Reports: Generate reports on the entry and exit of individuals and vehicles.
  • Barrier Control: Manage the entry and exit of individuals and vehicles using buttons in the control menu.
  • Emergency Notifications: Send alerts for security incidents, fires, or medical emergencies.
  • Owner Management: Store information about property owners, including relevant details.
  • Invite Friends: Send invitations to saved contacts with customizable dates and messages.
  • Make Reservations: Enable users to reserve facilities or services within the neighborhood.
  • Provider Management: Store information about service providers entering the neighborhood.
  • Vehicle Management: Save and manage vehicle information for owners, guests, and providers.
  • Expense Management: Create, configure, and manage expenses for property owners.


  • Enhanced Security: The API enables control and monitoring of access to the private neighborhood, ensuring only authorized individuals and vehicles can enter.
  • Improved Access Control: The barrier control functionality provides a centralized system for managing access permissions, granting or denying entry as needed.
  • Prompt Emergency Notifications: The API enables the swift diss emination of emergency alerts in case of security incidents, fires, or medical emergencies, allowing for quick response and action.
  • Real-time Monitoring: The API allows for real-time monitoring of access control activities, providing instant updates on entry, exit, and other relevant events.
  • Scalability: The API can accommodate a growing community, easily scaling to handle a larger number of property owners, guests, and service providers.


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Owners of the private neighborhood

Owners can be registered in the system with essential information such as name, surname, lot number within the neighborhood, vehicles, pets, documents, license number, license expiration, date of birth, phone numbers, email, relationship, and owner's image for identification. Owners always have access to the neighborhood.



The API allows for the storage and management of contacts within the system. Users can save and organize contact information effectively.


Service Providers

Information about service providers entering the neighborhood, such as technicians, security personnel, or cleaners, can be stored. The API records details such as company name, service, provider type, document type, document number, phone numbers, and email. Property owners only have access to the neighborhood when authorized or during their designated working hours.


Invite Friends

The API allows users to organize events within the community, coordinating attendees and managing access permissions. Users can send invitations to their saved contacts, including customizable dates and messages. The invited guests receive a WhatsApp link to provide their details and confirm their attendance. Once the invitation is accepted, the guest is granted access to the private neighborhood during the specified dates and hours. Access outside of these conditions is restricted.



The API allows the storage of vehicle information for property owners, guests, and service providers entering the neighborhood. Details such as owner, license plate, vehicle type, vehicle origin, vehicle make, vehicle color, vehicle insurance company, registration, registration expiration, and vehicle image can be recorded.


Access Control Report

The API generates reports on the entry and exit of property owners, guests, and service providers. These reports include information such as date and time of entry and exit, document number, duration of stay, and whether the individual entered or exited with a vehicle. If applicable, the vehicle's license plate is also recorded.

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The API enables the creation and management of expense records for each property owner. Users can configure expenses based on individual cases by entering owner details, lot number, month-year period, and specific items to include. Once created, owners can manage these expenses, download PDF reports, and send them via WhatsApp and/or email.