Develone offers product design services. From the first stages as proofs of concept to test feasibility to putting them into large-scale production. Although Develone can perform the complete design process for a wide variety of products, our specialty is those that require electronic design, mechanical design and associated firmware. However, designs can be made for each of the parts.

Integrated Development Management

Each of the parts described above are closely related, and we have a multidisciplinary team that understands the restrictions of all aspects of the product, something that other development teams do not have, since they work with separate teams. Our project managers have extensive experience in successfully taking designs from concept to mass production.

Production management

Develone also offers production management services, we not only design the product but we take care of the manufacturing management whether in small quantities or on a large scale. Bringing electronic, mechanical and firmware systems to production.

Quality management

At Develone we not only design, but we manage the quality of all facets of the product. We have internal controls and procedures that guarantee that the design moves with sufficient quality to the next stage. For this we have Quality Assurance teams that verify the entire process. When the equipment is in the pre-production phase, our QA team verifies that there are no hidden design errors, manufacturing problems and anticipates problems. if there will be problems during its life cycle.